The Ultimate Girl Guide

So obviously this is for GIRLS, so all you boys, STOP reading now. Unless you boys wanna know how to deal with girl fights and how to apply makeup you may leave! Thank you. So girls let’s get started. How are you today? What did you eat for breakfast? Was it something yummy! Was it healthy, or did you have no breakfast. See, The Ultimate Girl Guide can help you with balancing healthy, but yummy food. It teaches you how to battle anorexia. It can show you how you could dress and how you can apply perfect makeup. All your awkward, embarrassing and stressful sitches, sorted out. The Ultimate Girls Guide is here to help.


35 thoughts on “The Ultimate Girl Guide

  1. Wow. You seem like the expert at this. Loving this blog. Followed you. I think we all need a girl guide in our lives πŸ˜‰

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